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circumstance (s) (noun), circumstances (pl)
1. A condition or fact attending an event and having some bearing on it; a determining or modifying factor.
2. A condition or fact that determines or must be considered in the determining of a course of action.
3. The sum of determining factors beyond willful control; such as, a victim of circumstances.
4. A detail accompanying or surrounding an event; such as, in a narrative or series of events.
5. A formal display or ceremony; such as, the pomp and circumstance of a coronation.
6. A particular incident or occurrence.
(being alone either by choice or by circumstances)
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extenuating circumstances, extrordinary circumstances, mitigating circumstances
To render a crime less aggravated, heinous, or reprehensible than it would otherwise be, or to tend to palliate or to lessen its guilt.

Such circumstances may ordinarily be shown in order to reduce a punishment or damages. In contract law, unusual or extraordinary events that prevent performance within a specified time; for example, a delay resulting from a strike by workers or suppliers.

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aggravating circumstances
Events about crime that may intensify the severity of punishment, including bodily injury, death of the victim, or the brutality of the act.
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