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circumfix (s) (noun), circumfixes (pl)
Links which consist of two separate elements that are joined to a root or a stem of a word: Circumfixes contrast with prefixes that are placed at the beginnings of words; and suffixes which are put at the ends; and infixes, when they are inserted in the middle.

Here are just a few examples of circumfixes with the roots that are shown in red in order to distinguish them from the prefixes and the suffixes that are conjoined to them:

  • projects
  • rejected
  • rejecting
  • photographed
  • photographing
  • photographer
  • photographic
  • recapitulate
  • recapitulated
  • recapitulation
  • suggestion
  • suggested
  • suggesting
  • immortality
  • immortal
  • premortuary
  • disputable
  • disputing
  • computer
  • computable
  • retrospective
  • circumspection
  • perspective
  • irresponsible
  • respondent
  • unrespondent
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circumfix (verb), circumfixes; circumfixed; circumfixing
To create a unit of language that includes both a prefix and a suffix attached to a root or the stem of a word: The circumfixing of the sequences of characters creates many more applications, or differences in vocabulary, that have a variety of applications for writers, speakers, and readers.
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