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1. The formation of a cicatrix or a scar; scarring, scarification.
2. The process of scar evolution associated with a wound contraction.

In some societies, a smooth, unmarked skin represents an ideal of beauty; however, there are some people in other cultures who see smooth skin as an unfinished surface.

Scarification body art alters the skin's texture by cutting the skin and controlling the body's healing process.

The incisions, which are treated to prevent infection and to enhance the scars' visibility, leave a greater visibility of the scars after the skin heals.

Inserting substances like clay or ash in the wounds results in permanently raised weals or bumps, known as keloids, or cheloids, (a red, raised formation of fibrous scar tissue caused by excessive tissue repair in response to a surgical incision or cuts).

Substances inserted into the wounds may also result in a different skin color, which leave patterns similar to tattoos.

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cicatrization of scars
The tendency of a scar to contract in the surface area and thereby increasing in thickness.
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