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chute (s) (noun), chutes (pl)
A narrow tube or sloping passage that things or people can go down or through: "Fortunately, the aircraft had chutes that passengers could use to escape from the airplane before it caught fire after a short circuit in one of its engines."
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chute, shoot, shoot
chute (SHOOT) (noun)
1. A narrow tube or passage that things and people go down or through: Hilda could see people sliding down a water chute.
2. An informal term for "parachute": Damon's chute opened automatically as he dived from the aircraft.
shoot (SHOOT) (verb)
1. To cause a bullet, arrow, etc., to move forward with great force from a weapon: Does this gun shoot accurately?

Last Saturday, Rudy tried to shoot a gun for the first time and his friend wanted to shoot an arrow at the target.

2. To kick, hit, or throw a basketball, hockey puck, etc., toward or into a goal: You can't really play hockey if you don't have a goal to shoot at.
3. To film or to photograph something: The producers want to shoot the next movie in the mountains of Colorado.
shoot (SHOOT) (noun)
A part of a new plant that is just beginning to grow: Shelly can see a new shoot on each twig of the tree now that winter is over.

The contestants ran down the chute onto the soccer field where the star player tried to kick the ball into the goal while the goalie made every effort to shoot it down with his foot.

The sports commentator worked hard to shoot all of the action on camera for a later broadcast on TV.