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chrysochlore (s) (noun), chrysochlores (pl)
A South African mole of the genus, or classification, Chrysochloris: The chrysochlore is a golden mole, the fur of which reflects colors of green and gold.

Golden moles, or chrysochlores, are all similar in appearance, with cylindrical (round) bodies and other anatomical adaptations to suit their burrowing lifestyles.

The chrysochlores from southern Africa have short legs with powerful digging claws, dense fur that repels moisture, and toughened skin; especially, on their heads.

These chrysochlores have nonfunctional eyes covered with skin and they do not have any external ears.

Here Are Four of Eighteen Species of Golden Moles, or Chrysochlores

  • Cape Golden Mole: Although secretive, this is a common species in parts of South Africa and it uses the enlarged toes on its front feet for digging tunnels in the earth.
  • Cape Golden Mole, a common species in parts of South Africa.
  • Juliana's Golden Mole: Unique to the dry highlands of South Africa, normally in sandy soils, this species frequents well-irrigated gardens within its range of existence.
  • Hottentot Golden Mole: This golden mole lives in tunnel systems up to 655 feet (200 meters) long, using the large second and third toes on its front feet for digging.
  • Grant's Desert Golden Mole: Inhabiting the southwest African coastal dunes, or hills of sand, one of the world's driest habitats, this species "swims" through sand instead of building tunnels.
  • Grants Golden Mole, habitat is in sand.
—Compiled primarily from
Smithsonian Natural History; DK Publishing;
New York; 2010; page 513.
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