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chrysalis, chrysalid (s) (noun), chrysalises, chrysalides (pl)
1. The third stage in the development of butterflies; also, called the pupa. During the chrysalis, or chrysalid phase, the caterpillar of a butterfly spins no cocoon, but suspends itself with a silken button or by a belt and button and it is enclosed in a firm case or envelope.

Although some moths form similar naked pupae, the term chrysalis is usually applied only to those of the butterflies.

2. Etymology: Latin chrysallis; from Greek khrusallis, khrusallid-, "gold-colored pupa of a butterfly"; from khrusos, "gold".
—Compiled primarily from information located in
Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, seventh edition;
Van Nostrand Reinhold; New York; 1989; page 636.
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