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A theory or fantasy that suggests people can gain abilities by having a certain genetic marker with which they can develop abilities to form travel through time, control the speed of a subjects' movement, slow down foes, and increase one's speed.

A person with this power could even accelerate or reverse the aging process on any subject he or she desires.

This ability may also include the manipulation of space as well in accordance with the time-space continuum, allowing teleportation.

The ability of Chronokinesis is likely not the actual manipulation of time and space, but rather the chronokinetic's manipulation of himself or herself in accordance with it.

This is derived from the fact that chronokinetics are still held down by gravity when time is "frozen", are still able to breathe, the weight of other objects still apply, etc.; all of which would be a focal point of why chronokinetics develop health concerns, and also supports the theory about the teleportation aspects of this ability.

Teleportation is a hypothetical method (in science fiction) of transportation in which matter or information is dematerialized, usually instantaneously, at one point and recreated at another point with psychokinesis which is the supposed ability to use mental powers to make objects move or to otherwise affect them.