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chews, choose, eschews
chews (CHYOOZ) (verb)
Biting and grinding something with the teeth: Stuart chews his food carefully and prefers to take more time to consume his food during his meals.
choose (CHYOOZ) (verb)
To select or to prefer: How can a person choose when there are so many things available?

Fred and Sally are being forced to choose sides in the dispute.

eschews (es CHYOOZ) (verb)
To avoid something especially because a person does not think it is right or proper: Olivia is a psychologist who eschews the traditional methods of psychotherapy.

Masticate is the word to eschew when you mean chew.

—Evan Esar

Virgil's cousin eschews green beans when she has to choose her vegetables because she doesn't like the texture when she chews them.

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(Latin: read, readable [to choose words; to gather, to collect; to pick out; to read, to recite])