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cheek, cheeky, chic, chic, sheik
cheek (CHEEK) (noun)
1. The fleshy part of either side of the face below the eyes and between the nose and ears: Cora's father kissed his daughter on the cheek.
2. British, informal: impertinent boldness, an attitude, or way of behaving that is rude and does not show proper respect: Bernard had the cheek to insult his hosts at the party.

Jane said, "Sabrina had the cheek to complain that our birthday present was cheap."

cheeky (CHEE kee) (adjective)
Primarily British: rude and showing a lack of respect often in a way that seems playful or amusing; impertinently bold; impudent and saucy: Freddie's cheeky humor often resulted in cheeky grins from the rest of the students.
chic (SHEEK) (adjective)
Conforming to the current fashion; stylish: Fannie always wore the most chic clothes.
chic (SHEEK) (noun)
An admired fashion that reflects a degree of sophistication: This particular style is the height of chic this year.
sheik (SHEEK, SHAYK) (noun)
1. A leader of an Arab family, village, or tribe: The tourists paid a visit to the sheik while they were traveling in his village.
2. A senior official in an Islamic religious organization: Norris was happy to learn more about Islam from the sheik.

Chic refers to the woman who is always ready to take what's "becoming" to her.

—Evan Esar

The cheeky sheik tried to be very chic in his manners when he kissed his guest on the cheek.