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chew, eschew
chew (CHYOO) (verb)
1. To bite food and to grind it with the teeth: Many health experts believe people should chew their edibles more before they swallow them.
2. To meditate on; to ponder or to think about: Daryl had to chew the problems of arranging transportation, hotel reservations, etc. before he could go on the trip.
eschew (es CHYOO) (verb)
To avoid doing or being involved in something disliked, harmful, or which is not proper or right: Many people eschew the violence that is going on in so many parts of the world.

There are those who are convinced that we should eschew the term "masticate" when we mean chew.

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(Latin: jaw, lower jaw; chew; from mandere, "to chew")
(Latin: to chew; Greek: to gnash, grind, or rub the upper and lower teeth together)
(Latin: to chew over again, to chew the cud; to muse or to meditate; that is, to think about something in a deep and serious or dreamy and abstracted way or to think about something carefully, calmly, seriously, and for a long time)