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chemiluminescence, chemoluminescence (noun) (normally used only in the singular form)
1. Emission of brightness accompanying a chemical reaction, as in the oxidation of phosphorus: The eerie glimmer of the mushrooms on the forest floor at dusk was caused by chemiluminescence, the chemical action that produces a glowing shine.
2. In physical chemistry, any process in which a chemical reaction produces visible rays without a corresponding increase in temperature: In "bioluminescence", the blinking generated by fireflies, is a form of chemiluminescence.
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chemiluminescence labeling (s) (noun), chemiluminescence labelings (pl)
A method used to label DNA [d(eoxyribo)n(ucleic) a(cid)] or deoxyribo nucleic acid; a substance in living beings which determines their species, and can be used to uniquely identify each person: Two different DNA probes produced light that provided chemiluminescence labeling when they were brought together in the same region of the gene.
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