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check, check, Czech
check (CHEK) (noun)
1. In chess, the exposure of the King to be captures, thus needing protection: During the chess game, the strong player often moved his King, to avoid being in check.
2. In banking, a written order to be submitted to the bank, directing it to pay the amount indicated on the order: Mabel always used a check to pay her bills.
check (CHEK) (verb)
1. To inspect for accuracy or safety: Ada's plan for the holidays was to check the tests the students wrote in her class just before the holiday began.
2. To halt, slow down or stop, often abruptly: Dave put out his hands to check his fall against the wall.
Czech (CHEK) (noun)
A native of or the language of the Czech Republic: Even though Natasha had lived in New York for many years, she still spoke Czech fluently.

When he accidentally fell, the woman's Czech companion managed to diminish his descent by putting out his hand; however, he had to go to a hospital for a check up after which he wrote a check to pay his medical bill.

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(Greek: check, stop, keep back, suppress; suppression)
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cyclic redundancy check, CRC
A method of checking data stored on an RFID tag to be sure that it hasn't been corrupted or some of it lost.
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electrical rules check
Computer software which determines whether circuit connections shown on a schematic are logical.
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Social Security check
Month-to-month resuscitation.