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chastise (verb), chastises; chastised; chastising
1. To punish or to scold someone: Nina chastised her two children for playing ball in the living room, especially since they broke a mirror on the wall!
2. To criticize severely or to rebuke: Mrs. Smith chastised the children in her classroom who were running around while others were still taking their tests.
3. To inflict punishment on; as by whipping, or to censure severely: Sometimes in the past, the slaves on some plantations were chastised or beaten for not doing enough work in the fields.
4. To castigate or to make a severe public censure; as in a newspaper editorial or a TV denunciation, etc.: Some people have been chastising or criticizing the government for allowing so many refugees into the country all at once.
To severely punish by beating or criticizing.
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