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chased, chaste
chased (CHAYST) (verb)
1. To have run after or pursued someone in order to catch that person, an animal, or something: Marjory chased after her child, Jimmy, before he could run out into the street.
2. Having caused someone or something to go away: Mildred chased the cats out of her garden so they wouldn't catch the birds.
chaste (CHAYST) (adjective)
Not indulging in unlawful sexual activity, being decent and moral: She remained chaste throughout her engagement and married as a chaste bride.

A chaste woman is seldom chased.

—Evan Esar

My neighbor, Mildred, was chaste and upstanding. It always broke her heart if someone chased a stray animal into her yard.

chaste (adjective); chaster, more chaste; chastest, most chasgte
1. Morally pure in thought and/or conduct; decent and modest.
2. Not having experienced sexual intercourse; virginal.
3. Abstaining from unlawful sexual intercourse or abstaining from all sexual intercourse; a celibate.
4. Pure or simple, and unadorned in design or style; austere.
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(Latin: unmarried; vow not to marry; chaste, morally pure in thought and conduct; that which is considered to be decent and virtuous behavior)