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charted, charted, chartered
charted (CHART id) (adjective)
1. A reference to a map showing coastlines, water depths, or other information of use to navigators: The captain studied the charted coastline before sailing to the far away islands.
2. Descriptive information in the form of graphs or tables in order to make a plan for something: Mabel followed her own charted career path and assisted the manager who developed a diagram and grid that showed the growth of the company.
charted (CHART id) (verb)
To develop or to draw a map or diagram indicating the direction something or someone should go: The pilot charted the course of the flight before leaving the tarmac.
chartered (CHAR tuhr id) (verb)
Assigned or hired; such as, to hire a ship, bus, etc. for temporary use: The bus was chartered by Rene's school to take students to the football game.

After Sabrina and Ross had charted the route for their holiday, they chartered a bus to carry them and their luggage to the mountain lodge.