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charm (noun), charms (pl)
1. The power or quality of pleasing or delighting; attractiveness: Geraldine added curtains that have added charm to the living room.
2. A small object that is worn on a chain or a bracelet: Karen has a gold charm and jewelry on her left wrist.
3. A particular quality that attracts; a delightful characteristic: Mary could not resist the charms of her sister's little boy.
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charm (verb), charms; charmed; charming
1. To put a spell on someone or other people: Alice noticed that her children were charmed by the music coming from the TV show.
2. To cause someone to like or to be attracted to another person or to do what the other one wants by being nice, friendly, etc.: The politician was known for his ability to charm his voters to be in favor of his proposals.
3. To attract other people by being pleasant or welcoming: Jack and Jill were charmed by the restaurant atmosphere and waiters who worked there.
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Pleasure, Charm, and Beauty in Human Life and in Nature: Graces
Greek: Graces (goddesses); Aglaia (brilliance); Euphrosyne (joy); Thalia (bloom)
Latin: (no equivalent goddess)
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(Latin: love, loveliness, beauty, attractiveness, charm; by extension, "reverence; to worship")
(Latin: goddess of love; love, loveliness, attractiveness, beauty, charm)
(Greek: grace, beauty, kindness; to rejoice at; extended to attractiveness, personal charm)
(Greek: joy, delight, gladness)
(Latin: to enchant, to bewitch, to charm)
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charm offensive (s) (noun), charm offensives (pl)
A campaign to appear more pleasant, attractive, or reasonable, in order to gain popularity: A few examples of those who use charm offensives are politicians, actors, actresses, and other people who want to appear to be more pleasant than others.
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Greek: joy, delight, gladness; in this unit.