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chapter (s) (noun), chapters (pl)
1. A main division, or sections, of a relatively lengthy piece of writing, such as a book, which is usually numbered or titled: "The students were assigned to read the first two chapters of the history text for tomorrow's class discussion."
2. A special period or sequence of events; such as, in history or a person's life: "Some say that air travel opened a new chapter in modern transportation."
3. A local branch of an organization; such as, a club or fraternity: "The New York chapter of the organization is allowing new members to enroll this time."
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(chapter listings with subdivision links for easier reading of Those about to Die book by Daniel P. Mannix)
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1. A main heading or division of a book.
2. A local branch of a club or organization.

"At their last meeting, the local church chapter of the Bible Study Association read and discussed Chapter VII of Genesis."