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(Greek > Italian: change; a fee charged by money brokers [changers] for exchanging money)
(Greek: change, alteration; return, exchange)
(Latin: change, changeable)
(Latin: different, diversity, change, changing)
(Latin: substitute; change, alternation)
(Latin: different, other, another; to change, to modify)
(experts say that nanotechnology will change our way of living!)
(Latin: Probably from mitulus "mussel", of unknown origin [the change from m to n has not been explained]. It is also said to possibly come from Latin nidificare or nidulari, "to nest"; from nidus "nest", but there is no confirmation for either theory)
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fibrinoid change
Alteration in connective tissues in response to immune reactions.

The tissue becomes swollen, homogenous, and bandlike.

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phase-change material (PCM)
A substance that undergoes a change of status; such as, by melting, freezing, boiling, or condensing; while absorbing or rejecting thermal energy, normally at a constant temperature.
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(Photo of world leaders at work)
(New diseases are always coming into existence, most change with time, and some even vanish from known existence!)
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Can a leopard change its spots? (Jeremiah 13:23)
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change of venue
A change in the place of trial, usually from one country or district to another one.

Changes of venue are often conducted to avoid prejudicial trial proceedings, where it is believed that a fair trial cannot be obtained in the specific jurisdiction where the crime was alleged to have been committed.

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