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chamber (s), chambers (pl) (nouns)
1. A big room in a public building; especially, one that is used for meetings.
2. Roms that are used for some special reason.
3. Formerly a term for a private room or a bedroom.
4. The offices used by judges.
5. An enclosed space; such as, one that is inside a machine, a plant, or someone's body.
6. A section in a gun where a person can put bullets.
7. One of the sections of a legislature; for example, there are governmental systems in which there are lower chambers; for example, the United States House of Representatives and upper chambers; such as, the United States Senate.
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(Greek > Latin: inner room, bedchamber; so called by Galen because chambers at the base of the brain were thought to supply animal spirits to the optic nerves; thalamus, the middle part of the diencephalon (the area in the center of the brain just above the brain stem that includes the thalamus and hypothalamus) which relays sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex of the brain)
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lethal chamber (s) (noun), lethal chambers (pl)
An enclosed area in which animals can be painlessly put to death with gas: Sometimes cities have an over abundance of stray dogs and cats and no place to keep them; so, lethal chambers are utilized to decrease their numbers.

Some places have used lethal chambers as a method of executing convicted inmates with hydrogen cyanide gas.

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reverberation chamber (s) (noun), reverberation chambers (pl)
In acoustics, a room having very little audible absorptions: A reverberation chamber has multiple echoes in all directions; so, if a sound is measured at a particular point, it will appear to come equally from all directions.
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Usually a judge's office in a courthouse.
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