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cereal, serial
cereal (SEER ee uhl) (noun)
1. An edible, starchy grain yielded by certain plants of the grass family; such as, rice, wheat, rye, oats, etc.: Farmers around the world are raising some kind of cereal which is used for bread, breakfast food, etc. all of which are necessary to feed many people on a global scale.
2. The kernels or seeds and the food made from them: A multitude of types of cereal for food exist for people to eat for breakfast and all of their other meals every day.
serial (SEER ee uhl) (noun)
A novel or other story regularly presented in successive installments; such as, in a magazine, on radio, television, or in motion pictures: Sally published a serial about the suffering of women in various parts of the world.
serial (SEER ee uhl) (adjective)
Descriptive of crimes that are committed in a repeated and recognizable pattern: The newspaper reported on several serial bank robberies that appeared to be the work of the same person.

Sabrina wanted to check the serial number, or code, on the box of cereal before she bought it because the box might contain a card with the next installment of the serial novel she was reading.