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cent, scent, sent
cent (SENT) (noun)
A monetary unit or coin worth 1/100th of the basic value: That car is not worth a cent.
scent (SENT) (noun)
1. A particular odor or smell, typically pleasant but not necessarily: Kurt could smell the rancid scent from the factory long before he got to the front door.
2. An indication or hint of something to come: There was a scent of trouble in the air.
sent (SENT) (verb)
The past tense of "send": having caused something to happen, to communicate, or to convey: Cody was sent away in disgrace because of the poor language he had used in the meeting.

"Flora was sent to Australia on a mission by the government."

My friend, Charles, was sent by his wife to buy something called "penny perfume" or "cent scent".

(Latin: hundred; a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements)
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per cent
Another spelling for percent.
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per centum, per cent
By the hundred.
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percent, per cent; percentage; percentile
percent, per cent (puhr SENT) (noun)
An amount that is equal to one one-hundredth of something: It is estimated that water covers more than 70 percent of the earth's surface.

Shelby is 99.9 percent sure that her version of the incident is accurate.

percentage (puhr SEN tij) (noun)
1. A share of the winnings or profits of an undertaking: After taxes, Scott received a percentage of the profit from the sale of the property.

Camille was pleased with her percentage of the bet she made at the horse race in the afternoon.

2. Part of the whole of something presented in hundredths: Sally asked, "What is the percentage of winners in the lottery?"
percentile (puhr SENT tighl") (noun)
One of 100 equal parts that a group of people can be divided into in order to rank them: Larry's friend scored in the 95th percentile in advanced vocabulary skills.

Trina wonders what the percentage is of people who achieve a 100 percent on their driver's test. Her mother was in the top 75th percentile of her age when she took her last driver’s test.