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censer, censor, censor, censure, censure, sensor
censer (SEN suhr) (noun)
An article used in certain religious services; such as, a container for burning incense: The priest walked slowly, swinging the censer while chanting prayers.
censor (SEN suhr) (noun)
Someone who examines things for nonconformity or possible evil: The censor told the reporter that he was not allowed to speak on TV because he was going to attack the administration of the dictator.
censor (SEN suhr) (verb)
To examine and to subject a book, writer, etc. for suppression or prevention from becoming known, when it is regarded as objectionable for any reason: The film board was determined to censor the imported film due to what was perceived to be inappropriate language.
censure (SEN shur) (noun)
A condemnation or formal, public statement of disapproval of someone or something: Verna was held up for public censure because of her radical views regarding birth control.
censure (SEN shur) (verb)
To express disapproval typically in a formal presentation: The judge will censure the local hockey coach when the coach appears in court.
sensor (SEN suhr, SEN sor") (noun)
A device capable of detecting and responding to physical stimuli; such as, movement, light, or heat: To enhance her sense of safety, the electrician installed a light sensor at the corner of the garage which would illuminate the backyard.

"A homonym is a word which is similar to another in sound, but has a different meaning; such as, in the sentence: Censers smell sweet, censors are foul."

—Evan Esar

"A censor is a faultfinder who always sticks his no's into other people's business and a moralist who is always trying to tie the nation into hard not's."

—Evan Esar

During the tour of the church, the guide demonstrated how the censer was used; however, in doing so, he activated the smoke sensor and set off the fire alarm.

This brought him the censure of his supervisor who sometimes acted like a censor by telling the guides what and what not to say.

censure (s) (noun), censures (pl)
The act of blaming; an act of disapproval; hostile criticism; a rebuke: "Bobby was about to reach for another piece of cake, but he stopped because his mother gave him a look of censure."

"Lisa usually practiced daily on her piano; so, she didn't think she deserved censure from her orchestra director for skipping two days to visit her sick aunt."

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censure (verb), censures; censured; censuring
To officially and to strongly criticize someone or something publicly for having done the wrong thing: The mayor was strongly censured by newspapers and citizens for smoking pot, or marijuana, and denying that he did any such thing until the video was shown showing him actually doing it.
Condemnation for doing something wrong.
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To find fault with or to blame.
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To Condemn someone for doing something that is disturbing.
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This entry is located in the following unit: censur-, censor- (page 1)
(Latin: to count, to reckon, to assess, to estimate, to value, to deem, to judge; judgment, criticism; Latin censura and French censure)
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To express strong disapproval of something and to condemn such behavior as being wrong. (3)