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caenozoic, cenozoic
Belonging to the most recent division of geological time, including the tertiary, or "Age of Mammals", and the Quaternary, or "Age of Man".
cainozoic, cenozoic
Noting or pertaining to the present era, beginning 65 million years ago and characterized by the ascendancy of mammals.
1. The youngest, or most recent, of the eras or major subdivisions of geologic time; extending from the end of the Mesozoic Era to the present.
2. The most recent era of geologic time, beginning about 65 million years ago, during which modern plants and animals evolved.
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The most recent geological era, extending from 65 million year ago, when the dinosaurs became extinct, to the present.

It is sometimes referred to as the "Age of Mammals"; its literal meaning comes from Greek, "recent life".

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