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cemetery (s) (noun), cemeteries (pl)
1. An area set apart for or containing graves, tombs, or funeral urns; especially, one that is not a churchyard.

A cemetery is a burial ground which is located in a graveyard.

2. Etymology: from Old French cimetiere, "graveyard"; from Late Latin coemeterium, from Greek koimeterion, "sleeping place, dormitory", from koiman, "to put to sleep", keimai, "I lie down".

Early Christian writers were the first to use the term for "burial ground".

Usually, the most common "final resting place" throughout the world is the burial in a cemetery.

Sign at the gate of a cemetery: "New lots available." Subtitle: "The dead real estate market."

—As seen in the cartoon, "Non Sequitur", October 17, 2007.
A little more flowers
On the pathway of life. . .
And fewer on graves
At the end of the strife.
—Hal Styles

A news story began: "During the grave diggers' strike, local cemeteries will be manned by skeleton crews."

—Morris Goran
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