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1. The act of cementing or the result of cementing.
2. The application of cement or a similar substance to something, or the result of this.
3. The modification of a solid, especially a metal, by heating it with one or more other substances that will diffuse into the surface; such as, the production of steel by heating it with charcoal.
4. A metallurgical coating process in which iron or steel is immersed in a powder of another metal; such as, zinc, chromium, or aluminum, and heated to a temperature below the melting point of either.
5. In geology, sedimentary rock formation or the process in which percolating ground water deposits a cementing material to form a sedimentary rock.
6. The injecting of cement into holes or fissures in rocks to make them watertight or strong.
7. The attachment of anything with cement; such as, of restorative material to a natural tooth, or of bands to teeth.