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cellar, seller
cellar (SEL ur) (noun)
1. A room for storage, usually below ground or beneath a building: At the end of the summer, she had 1,000 containers of food stored in the cellar to feed her family through the winter.
2. The lowest level or standing; especially, in the relative standing of athletic teams: The new baseball player started in the cellar on the team; so, the only way to go was up.
seller (SEL ur) (noun)
1. Someone who exchanges a product or service for money; a vendor: The street seller pushed his cart along the beach, selling ice cream and sodas.
2. An item that is purchased in large numbers and in a specified manner: The store stocked 500 copies of the book based on the review which said it would be a best seller!

For a long time, he has been known as a "basement salesman" or a cellar seller.