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celibacy (SEL uh buh see) (s) (noun), celibacies (pl)
1. A state or condition of being unmarried: Anyone who remains unmarried in order to follow a certain religious calling is said to be committed or dedicated to a lifestyle of celibacy.

David decided that he could not live a life of celibacy and so he left the priesthood so he could marry the woman he loved.

2. Erotic or sensual abstinence or the practice of chastity for religious reasons or as a personal choice: Eve and Adam agreed that they would continue their relationship in celibacy until they are married and become husband and wife.

The celibacy of religious clergy has existed for many centuries.

Celibacy can be involuntary; such as, in a prison where celibacy is supposed to be enforced.

Members of various religious orders must take vows of celibacy; and, occasionally, spinsters or bachelors may be "celibates" because no one feels inclined to accept them as romantic or marriage partners.

3. Etymology: from Latin caelibatus, "situation of being unmarried"; from caelebs, "unmarried".
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