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cease (verb), ceases; ceased; ceasing
1. To put an end to or to stop doing something.
2. To come to an end or to discontinue an activity.
3. Etymology: from Old French cesser which came from Latin cessare, "to cease, to go slowly"; from cedere, "to go away, to withdraw, to yield"; originally, "to go, to leave".
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seas, sees, seize, siege, cease
seas (SEEZ) (noun)
1. The saltwaters that cover much of the Earth's surface: They traveled by ship on the seas.
2. Large bodies of water, salt or fresh, that are more or less landlocked: Their boat was overwhelmed by the heavy seas.
sees (SEEZ) (verb)
Noticing or becoming aware of living creatures or things by using the eyes: She sees better now than she did before the operation on her eyes.
seize (SEEZ) (verb)
1. To grasp suddenly and forcibly; to take or grab something: The bank will seize their house because they have not been able to make their mortgage payments.
2. To grasp, to take possession of, to capture: The publisher was enthusiastic as he told the author that his new novel would seize the imagination of the public.
siege (SEEJ) (noun)
A prolonged effort to gain or overcome something or a serious and lasting attack of something: They had a long siege of bitterly cold temperatures this winter.
cease (SEES) (verb)
1. To put an end to or to stop doing something: The factory will cease operations next year.

Mr. Chips cautioned the students to cease their talking and to do their work.

2. To stop performing an activity or action; to desist: The noise will cease when the cars stop honking their horns.

The goal of a pirate captain is to wander the seas (with his fellow pirates) and to seize any ship he sees that looks as if it has any value even if he has to lay siege to it until he gets his loot; then after that he will cease his efforts until another victim is found.

(Latin: to be in motion; to go, to go away, to yield, to give up, to withdraw)
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cease and desist
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