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caustic (adjective), more caustic, most caustic
1. Relating to a chemical substance that can burn or corrode organic tissue: Lye is extremely caustic, or vitriolic, in that it causes damage to the skin.
2. Pertaining to a strong and powerful acid which is able to eat away and destroy by chemical action: Because the cleaning agent was so caustic, Janet had to wear gloves to protect her hands.
3. A reference to harsh or corrosive verbal expressions or severely critical and very sarcastic speech that is intended to mock, to offend, or to belittle someone: After cleaning the hotel rooms, Jane received nothing but caustic and scathing remarks from the owner, saying that they were dirtier than before, after which she quit her job on the spot! 
4. Conveying a burning or stinging sensation, as from an intense emotion: After being in the terrible car accident and seeing death before him, Don had a such a caustic fearfulness of such vehicles that he never put his foot into an automobile again!
5. Etymology: from Greek kaustikos, then from Latin causticus, from kaiein, kau-, "to burn"

Kaustos, "burnt", is the basis of the English words cauterize and caustic; literally of caustic lime, that which burns, and figuratively of caustic words that "burn" their recipients.

A reference to a sharp and bitter cleverness.
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Relating to a severe and critical observation.
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