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catoptromancy, catoxtromancy, cattobomancy, catoptomancy (s) (noun); catoptromancies, catotromancies, catoxtromancies, cattobomancies, catoptomancies (pl)
Divination with a crystal ball, a lens, mirrors, or other reflective surfaces: At the fortune teller's booth, Mildred, the costumed woman, sat with a crystal ball, ready to practice her catoptromancy when requested.

The Greeks put metal "mirrors" under the water or held them in a fountain and interpreted the reflections with catoptromancy.

Predictions of catoptromancies were also made by using a glass which was suspended over a holy well; the images on the glass supposedly "revealed" the secrets hidden in the water.

Catoptromancy also included divination based on how a face appeared when it was seen in a "looking glass" underwater.

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