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catch (verb), catches; caught; catching
1. To seize or to grab; especially, after a chase.
2. To take by trapping or snaring.
3. To suddenly, accidentally, or unexpectedly discover someone or something.
4. Etymology: from Middle English cacchen, from Old North French cachier, "to chase"; from Latin captare, capere, "to seize, to take hold".
This entry is located in the following unit: cap-, cip-, capt-, cept-, ceive, -ceipt, -ceit, -cipient (page 4)
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(Latin: catch, seize, take, take hold of, receive, contain, hold; caught, taken prisoner)
(Latin: write down, perceive, catch sight of; to see, to look for)
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Vaseball: a game of catch played by children in the living room.