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cataclasm, cataclysm
cataclasm (KAT uh klaz uhm) (noun)
Disruption; breaking down: This winter's heavy ice and snow resulted in a cataclasm of electrical and phone lines in several parts of the country.
cataclysm (KAT uh kliz" uhm) (noun)
1. A sudden and violent upheaval or disaster that causes great changes in society: The revolution could result in a worldwide cataclysm.
2. A terrible and devastating natural disaster; such as, a flood: An earthquake can cause a great cataclysm; especially, in a densely populated area.

The summer cataclysm of hail and heavy rains caused a cataclasm of the dikes along the river and a terrible cataclysm of flooding in the river bottoms.

cataclysm (s) (noun), cataclysms (pl)
1. Something that causes great destruction, violence, upheaval, etc.: During the winter of 2013 and 2014 there were floods, extreme cold air blowing from the Arctic causing below freezing temperatures with great quantities of snow and ice; as well as other related cataclysms; especially, in Canada and the United States.

Revolutions that have been going on in several countries have resulted in severe cataclysms for many of the citizens living in those areas and also for some of the neighboring nations.

2. Etymology: from French cataclysme, which came via Latin from Greek kataklusmos, "deluge"; from kata, "down" + kluzein, "to wash".
A sudden and overwhelming flood or deluge.
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A big flood or deluge of rain.
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A situation that results in large-scale and violent events in the natural world; or upheavals in political and social situations which have extreme disastrous effects on the people who exist where such events take place. (2)