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castrate, castrating
1. To deprive (gonadectomize) a male of his gonads, rendering him incapable of reproduction; thus, to geld or to emasculate; in the female, to remove the ovaries, or to spay.
2. Any individual who has been rendered incapable of reproduction by removal or destruction of the gonads (male) or ovaries (female).
3. To psychology render someone impotent; literally or metaphorically, by psychological means; especially, by threatening a person's masculinity or femininity.
4. To deprive someone or something of strength, power, or efficiency; to weaken: "The General said that without reinforcements the army unit would be castrated."
5. To edit a document, book, speech, etc. by omitting or modifying parts considered to be indelicate.

Called geld for male horses; emasculate for any male; spay for female animals; and oophorectomize (if bilateral) for any female. Also called neuter (in veterinary medicine).

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