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(Latin: carry, produce; to bear)
(Latin: carry, bring, bear)
(Latin: to bear, to carry; to produce; to bring)
(Latin: carry on a legal suit, lawsuit; quarrel, contention)
(Greek: bear or carry; support; go)
(Greek > Latin: bearer, to bear, carrying; producing, transmission; directing, turning; originally to carry or to bear children)
(Latin: to gather, to pillage, to plunder, to rob, to steal, to snatch, to heap up (as stones) and to carry off)
(Latin: tearing away, seizing, swift, rapid; snatch away, seize, carry off; from Latin rapere, "to seize by force and to carry off")
(Latin > French: to seek amusement, literally, "to carry oneself in the opposite direction")
(Latin: to lift up, to raise; to carry)
(Latin: quantity having magnitude and direction; carrier, bearer, conveyer; from the stem of vehere, "to carry, to convey, to cart")