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caries, carries
caries (KAR eez, KAR i eez) (noun)
Decay of teeth, bones, or tissues: The dental assistant checked each of the students for caries as part of his job.
carries (KAR eez) (verb)
1. Moving something from one place to another while holding and supporting it: Mary often carries her baby in her arms.

Julie's son always carries his books to school in a backpack.

2. Reporting information in the media: The TV station carries reports on the weather 24/7.
3. Having something in a store and ready to be sold or to keep something in stock: Marcia's grocery store always carries a good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bill's friend, Marge, always carries an extra toothbrush because she is afraid of getting caries if she doesn't brush her teeth after every meal.

(Greek: gullet, throat [passage from the mouth to the stomach], that which carries food; the path along which food travels from the mouth to the stomach)