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careen, career
careen (kuh REEN) (verb)
Typically involving speed, to move or sway from side to side: The car appeared to careen down the street as if it were out of control.
career (kuh RIR) (noun)
A permanent profession or calling for which one trains: It is often difficult to decide what career to choose when you are young.

Debbie's career started to careen out of control when the boss discovered she had taken money from the cash register.

career (s) (noun), careers (pl)
1. An occupation or profession; especially, one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework.
2. A person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life; such as, in some profession or undertaking.
3. Someone's success in a profession, occupation, etc.
4. From earlier times, to charge at full speed.
5. To run or move rapidly along; to go at full speed.
–adjective 6. Etymology: from about 1534, "a running course" (especially of the sun, etc., across the sky), from Middle French carriere, "road, racecourse", from Vulgar Latin (via) cararia, "carriage (road), track for wheeled vehicles" from Latin carrus, "chariot".

The sense meaning "course of a working life" first attested in 1803. The verb is first attested in 1594 from the notion of a horse "passing a career" on the jousting field, etc.

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biophysics career
A career in the hybrid science involved with the methods and ideas of physics and chemistry to study and to explain the structures of living organisms and the mechanics of life processes.
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career criminals
Those offenders who make their living through crime.

Usually offenses occur over the lifetime of the offender.

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career girl
Someone who prefers plots and plans to pots and pans.
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