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capsule (s) (noun), capsules (pl)
1. In pharmacology, a small round container which is soluble and enclosing a dose of medicine that can be swallowed whole, or the container itself.
2. A fruit containing seeds that it releases by splitting open when it is dry and mature.
3. A sac containing the spores of a moss or a liverwort.
4. In microbiology, a gelatinous covering that surrounds some microorganisms.
5. A membrane or sac enclosing an organ or body part.
6. A layer of white fibers in the fore brain.
7. A sealed cockpit in an aircraft that can be ejected in an emergency; known as an ejectable cockpit.
8. A very brief summary or expressed in an extremely brief or highly condensed way.
9. A protective seal; such as, the metal, plastic, or wax covering that protects the cork of a wine bottle.
10. Etymology: from Latan capsula, "small boat or chest"; indicating smallness of capsa, "box, case, chest"; from Latin capere, "to take hold".
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articular capsule (s) (noun), articular capsules (pl)
A two-layered sleeve or covering that surrounds freely moving joints (elbows, fingers, knees, etc.), where the inner layer is a clear, viscid lubricating fluid secreted by membranes in the joint cavities, sheaths of tendons, and where the outer part is fibrous or has threadlike structures; such as, a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber.
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auditory capsule (s) (noun), auditory capsules (pl)
The embryonic (before birth) cartilaginous membranes (tough and thin elastic tissues) which enclose the inner developing ears of babies.
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