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capitulate (verb), capitulates; capitulated; capitulating
1. To surrender under specified conditions; to come to terms.
2. To give up all resistance; acquiesce: "When the government called out the troops, the strikers capitulated and went back to their jobs."
3. To give up, as to a superior power or authority.
4. To surrender, as an army or garrison, to an enemy, by treaty, in which the terms of surrender are specified and agreed to by the parties.

The term is applicable to a garrison or to the inhabitants of a besieged place, or to an army or troops in any situation in which they are subdued or compelled to submit to a victorious enemy.

5. Having ended all resistance; given up; gone along with, or complied with.

This may imply compliance with an enemy in war or an end to all resistance because of a loss of hope: "He argued and yelled for so long that we finally capitulated just so he would stop his raucous behavior."

6. Etymology: from Latin capitulum; diminutive of caput, "head".
To give up all resistence, to yield.

To stop resisting.
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To surrender on conditions agreed upon.
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