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capital (adjective)
1. First and foremost; principal: "He made a decision of capital importance."
2. First-rate; excellent: "She had a capital idea."
3. Relating to or being a seat of government: "The capital of the state is functioning as a seat of government."
4. Extremely serious consequences: "He committed a capital blunder when he suggested more spending."
5. Involving death or calling for the death penalty: "He was convicted of a capital offense which involved punishment by death."
6. Of or relating to financial assets or involving financial capital; especially, those financial assets that add to the net worth of a business: "The company made some capital improvements this year."
7. Relating to or being a capital letter in the form A, B, C, etc. rather than a, b, c or the form of letters used at the beginning of sentences and names: "He wrote his message in capital letters instead of mixing uppercase letters (capitals) with lowercase letters (non-capitals) which is done normally."
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capital (s) (noun), capitals (pl)
1. The city or town that is the official seat of government in a country, state, etc.: "Tokyo is the capital of Japan and Berlin is the capital of Germany."
2. A city regarded as being of special eminence in some field of activity: Hollywood was once the movie capital of the world; however, it is now being challenged by Bollywood of India; the extravagantly theatrical Indian motion picture industry (a blend of Bombay plus Hollywood).
3. A capital letter (upper case) versus an uncapitalized letter (lower case): "A capital letter is always used at the beginning of a sentence."
4. The wealth, whether in money or property, owned or employed in business by an individual, firm, corporation, etc.
5. An accumulated stock of such corporate wealth: "The fifty cents in Mike's pocket is all the capital that he has."
6. Any form of wealth employed or capable of being employed in the production of more wealth.
7. In accounting, assets remaining after deduction of liabilities; the net worth of a business or the ownership interest in a business.
8. Any source of profit, advantage, power, etc.; an asset.
9. Capitalists as a group or class; as distinguished from a labor class.
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capital, capital, capitol, Capitol
capital (KAP i t'l) (adjective)
1. In the form of uppercase letters; for example: A, B, C, etc., rather than a, b, c: In his e-mail message, he typed in lower case letters at times when he should have used capital letters.
2. Having the main offices of a government: The state's capital city is where the main government officials are located.
3. When referring to a crime, having death as a possible punishment: Homicide that occurs during the course of an attempted kidnapping is a capital crime in several states.
capital (KAP i t'l) (noun)
The amount of money, property, etc. which is used to start or to operate a new business: Jane asked, "Do they have sufficient capital to continue in business or will we lose our jobs?"

He needed more capital for the investment.

capitol (KAP i t'l) (noun)
A building, or group of buildings, in which a state legislature meets and where other state government offices may be housed: Greg asked, "Have you seen the new capitol which was recently built in our city?"

The governor could speak on the steps of the capitol.

Capitol (KAP i t'l) (noun)
The white marble domed building in Washington, D.C.: The U.S. Congress meets in the Capitol when doing its legislative business.

Capital punishment is when those guys in the Capitol of Washington, D.C. come up with a new capital tax.

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venture capital
Money used for investment in projects that involve a high risk but offer the possibility of large profits.
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1. A chief, or head, city.

"Paris is the capital of France."

2. A letter of the alphabet larger than its corresponding small letter.

"A capital letter is always used at the beginning of a sentence."

3. The accumulated wealth or the sum of money that is available.

"The fifty cents in my pocket is all the capital that I have."

(economics involves business and financial activities that show how people choose to use their limited resources (land, labor, and capital goods) to produce, exchange, and to consume goods and services)
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capital punishment
The imposition of the death penalty for the most serious crimes.

It may be administered by electrocution, lethal injection, gas, hanging, or shooting.

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