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cannon, canon, canyon
cannon (KAN uhn) (noun)
A large mounted gun that shoots heavy metal or stone balls and which was once a common military weapon: In past wars, a variety of cannon were used to cause great devastation.
canon (KAN uhn) (noun)
1. A Roman Catholic Church law: People are expected to know the canon of the Church.
2. An accepted rule or guide about how people should behave or about how something should be done: Anyone who disregards every canon of honesty, as this store manager has, should be fired.
canyon (KAN yuhn) (noun)
A narrow valley with steep sides, often with a river in the bottom: They rode the mules to the bottom of canyon to view the Colorado River.

It was against the canons for respectful behavior to fire a cannon over the canyon edge during the tourist season.

A law; a criterion, or standard, used in making judgments.
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1. A law; a criterion or standard used in making judgments.
2. A principle governing the affairs of people within or among political units.

"The canons of good behavior apply to everyone."

The word canon comes from Latin meaning "rule" or "law", which came from Greek kanon, "measuring rod, rule, standard".

The other English word canon, a clergyman assigned to a large church, or who is a member of a special religious order, means "someone who lives according to a religious rule" or canon.

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