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(Greek: cancer ["crab"])
(Latin: crab; malignant tumor)
(Greek: "mass, bulk"; denotes relationship to a tumor, process of cancer formation; swelling, or mass)
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A known carcinogen suspected of causing cancer
As seen in a report on WHIO Television following a 1986 train wreck in Ohio. The wreck spilled thousands of gallons of Xylene, a known carcinogen.
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malignant cancer (s) (noun), malignant cancers (pl)
A condition in which a disease or ailment is growing worse and resisting treatment: Mary's malignant cancer was diagnosed and there was no doubt that it would cause her death in a short time because no medical treatment was successful.
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Tropic of Cancer
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The faintest of the zodiacal constellations.

It lies in the northern hemisphere between Leo and Gemini, and is represented as a crab.

The sun passes through the constellation during late July and early August.

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