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callous (adjective), more callous, most callous
Descriptive of a person who is emotionally hardened, unfeeling, and who is indifferent to the sufferings of other people: When Margery read the poetry that she had created to her English class, some of the students laughed in a very callous or insensitive manner.
A reference to an unfeeling attitude and without sympathy.
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Pertaining to having no consideration for another person.
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Relating to performing an unacceptable and heartless action.
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callous, callus
callous (KAL uhs) (adjective)
1. Not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other people: Damon made a callous remark about those who were injured in the accident.
2. Emotionally hardened; unfeeling: Marlene had a callous indifference for the suffering of her sick neighbor.
callus (KAL uhs) (noun)
A hard, thickened place on the skin; especially, on the hands and feet: Preston had a painful callus on each of his feet from walking so much.

Rudy's impatient attitude was callous towards his friend who had a painful callus on his toe.

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(Greek: a knob; callus, callous, callosity)
(Latin: hardened skin, thick skin; a knob)