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(Latin: reckoning, to reckon; calculating, calculation; understanding; thinking)
(Latin > French: device for calculating a distance traveled (in a vehicle for hire) and the corresponding fare is charged)
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electronic calculating-punch machine (s) (noun), electronic calculating-punch machines (pl)
A card-handling machine that reads a hole in a card and performs a number of sequential operations; as well as, indicates the results on the card.
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calculate (KAL kyuh late") (verb), calculates; calculated; calculating
1. To determine information based on mathematical figures and formulas: Income tax is calculated on a percentage of net income minus exemptions and deductions.
2. To estimate the value of something or the timing of an event: Jamal calculates that he will be in Frankfurt in six more hours of flight time.
3. To intend or to encourage something to happen: The President's speech was calculated to ease national tensions.
4. Etymology: traced back to Latin calculus, "pebble", referring to the early use of pebbles in counting.
A patient can't remember having amnesia.

The Romans had no adding machines. Even the art of writing was known to comparatively few people. So they did their adding and subtracting with the aid of little stones used as counters.

The Latin word for the little rock used in this way was calculus, a diminutive of calx, meaning "limestone".

From calculus, the verb calculare, "to calculate", was formed, and its past participle, calculatus, is the immediate origin of English "calculate".

Picturesque Word Origins; G. & C. Merriam Company;
Springfield, Massachusetts; 1933; page 38.
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calculating (adjective), more calculating, most calculating
Characteristic of someone who carefully thinks about and plans actions for selfish or improper reasons: Mark is a calculating businessman who will do anything to get to the top of his profession.
Relating to shrewd and crafty schemes to achieve one's objective.
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