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cajole (verb), cajoles; cajoled; cajoling
1. To persuade someone to do something by compliments and persistent reasoning: After praising her brother Jim for his fantastic grade in math, Mary tried to cajole him into doing her next homework assignment in the same subject.
2. To urge with gentle and repeated appeals or flattery; to influence: Werner liked Nicole a whole lot and wanted to cajole her into going to the movie with him that evening.
3. Etymology: French cajoler (originally, "to chatter like a jay in a cage"), an alteration of gaioler (used in the 16th century), from Picard (from Picardy in northern France) gaiole, "cage", from Late Latin caveola, "cage"; diminutive of Latin cavea, "cage".
To persuade with deception or artful flattery.
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To try to entice a person to do something with verbal praise.
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