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cajolery (s) (noun), cajoleries (pl)
1. The deliberate use of sweet talking to convince someone in the face of reluctance or reasonable objections: Jimmy tried to wheedle his mother into letting him drive her car that evening, but his cajolery didn’t work and she always said, “No!”
2. A strong encouragement to do something by inducing or coaxing: Janet wanted her daughter to take part in the recital because she played piano so well, and finally her cajolery, urging, and sincere praise worked!
3. An endeavor that influences a person to do something by smooth or beguiling words or acts: The cajolery that Greg used to entice or to persuade his mother to let him invite all 30 students in his class to his party was not successful and his mother told him he could only invite his best friends, not everybody!
An act of deceiving with excessive compliments.
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Persuasion with coaxing and enticing.
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