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assessment (s) (noun), assessments (pl)
1. A judgment about something based on an understanding of the situation: The construction engineer was making an assessment of the work which was completed.
2. A calculation of the value of something, made especially for tax or insurance purposes: The Jones family claimed that the tax assessment on their house was way too high.
3. A method of evaluating student performances and attainments: Jerry's school uses a variety of tests for its annual assessments.
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assessment of carotid pulse
A determination of the pulse of the carotid artery, palpated (gently touched) by gently pressing a finger in the area between the larynx and the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck which turns or rotates the head.
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threat and vulnerability assessment (s) (noun), threat and vulnerability assessments (pl)
In antiterrorism, a threat and vulnerability assessment involves the pairing of a facility's threat analysis and vulnerability analysis.
—Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms;
US Department of Defense.
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