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1. Qualitative, or quantitative, analysis of a substance; especially, of an ore or drug, to determine its components; a substance to be so analyzed or the result of such an analysis.
2. An analysis or examination.
3. To examine by trial or experiment; to put to a test.
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assay, assay, essay, essay
assay (uh SAY, AS ay) (noun)
The chemical analysis or testing of an alloy or ore; especially, of gold or silver, to determine the ingredients and their proportions: The assay, which the specialists undertook, helped them find out how pure the gold from the stream was.
assay (uh SAY, AS ay) (verb)
To conduct an examination or testing: The officials will assay the votes to determine the final results of the election.

Take time to assay the information before drawing a conclusion.

essay (ES ay, e SAY) (noun)
A short piece of writing that reveals a person's thoughts or opinions about a subject: Flora's assignment was to write a 500-word essay on one of the topics given by the teacher.
essay (ES ay, e SAY) (verb)
To try to do, to perform, or to deal with something: There is no hint as to which of the approaches Nelson will essay that will prove useful for the project.

Felix wrote his essay for the professor about how to assay the minerals found in the local stream.