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aselline: donkey, ass
Of or pertaining to a little ass, or to the two stars in Cancer called Aselli.
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asinine, ass
asinine (AHS uh nighn") (adjective)
Stupid, foolish, simpleminded, irrational: It was an asinine suggestion to buy a house so close to the river that over flows every year.
ass (AHS) (noun)
1. A donkey or similar horse-like animal with long ears and a braying call; "jackass" is a term for a male donkey; a burro: One small ass was hitched to the cart.
2. A fool, an idiot, a nitwit: Don't be an ass and quit your job before arranging for another one.

The director was very angry and exclaimed, "Don’t be such an ass! It was an asinine suggestion you just made to the actress that she should ride a real ass across the stage."

equine: horse, horses; ass, asses; zebra, zebras
1. Of, pertaining to, or resembling a horse.
2. Of or belonging to the family Equidae, which includes the horses, asses, and zebras.
An animated horse is trotting.
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