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ask (ASK)
1. The use of words when seeking the answer to (a question); try to find out about by inquiring: "I will ask the librarian where I can find that book."
2. To request; solicit; to express a desire for, seek, request, petition, solicit, appeal, plead, supplicate, beg: "I had no choice but to ask him for help in changing the tire. If you think you really deserve it, ask for a raise."
3. To demand or expect as a price; charge, claim; request, desire, expect: "They are asking ten dollars for it. The antique dealer asked $25.00 for the watch."
4. To behave in such a way as to appear to be looking for trouble, punishment, etc.: "He was obviously asking for jail time by drinking and then driving his car in his condition."
ask, ax, ax, ax, hatchet
ask (ASK) (verb)
1. To try to find out about something by inquiring: Damon plans to ask the librarian where he can find a special book.
2. To request; to express a desire for: Erika had no choice but to ask Rickey for help in changing the tire.
3. To demand or to expect; such as, a price: The antique dealer wanted to ask $25.00 for the watch.
ax (AKS) (noun)
A sharp bladed tool with a long handle, typically used for chopping, e.g. wood, ice, etc.: Paul Bunyan was known to have carried a long handled ax over his shoulder.
ax (AKS) (verb)
To cut, to reduce, to dismiss: The city council had to ax summer swimming programs in order to balance the budget.
ax (AKS); sometimes misused for "ask" (ASK) (verb)
A mispronunciation of ask used by a large number of people including those who are considered to be educated: Perry said that he will ax his friend if she wants to go to the dance with him.

Come on Wade, didn’t you ax Arturo about that movie yesterday?

This pronunciation still exists in many dialects, but it is "no longer considered acceptable" in standard English.

hatchet (HACH it) (noun)
A tool with a short handle and a sharp blade for chopping: Stan was not sure whether to use the hatchet for chopping firewood or the ax with the longer handle.

When Olivia was writing an anthology of rural folk tales, she often had to ask the local people to explain what they were saying.

Juana was amused by the frequent response, "Lady, you ax me about that TV program already."

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(Latin: to aim at, aim for, go toward; to seek, seek out, ask, request; strive after)
(Latin: ask, inquire, request, beg; propose)
(Latin: to demand, to ask)
(Latin: to ask, to entreat; ask earnestly, entreaty, beg; request, petition, pray, prayer)
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May I ask you a question?
Wouldn't it be better to say: "May I ask you something?"
-From an anonymous contributer.
This entry is located in the following unit: Pleonasms or Tautological Redundancies (page 13)
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