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Medicine and Healing: Asclepius, Aesculapius
Greek: Asclepius (god)Aesculapius with snake on staff.
Latin: Aesculapius (god)

The Aesculapius staff is considered to be the appropriate symbol of medicine, not the Mercury caduceus. The Mercury symbol is incorrectly used by many U.S. medical organizations; especially by military units.

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Aesculepius, Asculapius (Latin); and Asclepius, Asklepios (Greek), Parts 1 and 2
A god for all medical doctors.

These two sections present information about Aesculepius, Asclepius with illustrations, Part 1; and Asculapius, Asklepios, Part 2. The images make it easier to appreciate and understand the origins and struggles of medicine and those ancient influences on modern medical images.

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Aesculepius, Asculapius (Latin); Asclepius, Asklepios (Greek), Part 1 of 2
A god for all medical doctors unit.